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Tuesday - Friday:  9:00-6:30
Saturday:  9:00-5:00
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smokehaus-trentWhen we built Smokehaus Meats in early 2006, my wife and I wanted it to be our lifetime project, our last business, our only job, our retirement plan, and the place our kids would grow up.

That’s a lot to ask of a small business, but its working so far.  Since we opened six years ago our business has grown in size, staff, sales, and reputation.  We are enjoying our success, and having a great time serving our dedicated customers, as well as meeting new people every day.  Our excellent staff makes our job fun and they are committed to making the superb products we need to keep our customers coming back.

We do not sell the same old stuff you buy at the grocery store. Instead of repacked, reprocessed, factory meat products; we make our own- lean, tender, wholesome, and delicious. We enjoy customer feedback, winning awards and great publicity.  Since we have virtually no advertising budget, we depend on you to spread the word.

If you’re a customer of ours already, I’d like to thank you for choosing us.  If you haven’t been in yet, I’d like to invite you to see our store, meet our staff, and try our products.  You’ll be surprised when you see the huge selection of product in our tiny store.  Be sure to let us know what your favourites are and what you would like us to make next.