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Store Hours

Tuesday - Friday:  9:00-6:30
Saturday:  9:00-5:00
Sunday and Monday:  Closed

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Price List (lbs)

Custom Meat Cutting & Processing Prices

We make your own batch. Please feel free to customize.

Please call, drop offs are by appointment only.


Cut & Wrap (whole carcass)
$0.79/lb (400lb+)

$0.89/lb (220-399lb)
$0.99/lb (101-219)
$99.00 ea. (under 100lb)

Stirfry Strips, Stewing Meat & Jerky Slicing From
Boneless Or Over 4% Of Carcass Weight

Grinding Only (min. $10.00)
Grinding And Wrapping

Vacuum Packaging


Extra Lean Pork 
Lean Pork 
Regular Pork

Extra Lean Beef
Lean Beef
Regular Beef

Real Cheddar Cheese

Pickled Jalapeno Peppers

Cold Cuts 

Salami, Pepperoni, Summer Sausage, 11 Spice
$2.35/lb (25-39lb)
$1.75/lb (40lb +)

Smoked Sausage

Farmer Sausage, Mennonite Sausage, Garlic Coil
$2.35/lb (25-39lb)
$1.75/lb (40lb +)
$2.75/lb (30-55lb)
Jumbo Weiners
$2.45/lb (30-55lb)
$2.55/lb (25-39lb)
$2.15/lb (40lb +)


Honey Garlic, Beer, Maple Garlic, Teriyaki,
Pepperoni, Hickory Pepper, BBQ
$2.85/lb (25-39lb)
$2.35/lb (40lb +)

Fresh Sausage
Breakfast Sausage, Santa Fe, Dinner, 
Bratwurst, Italian

$1.95/lb (25-39lb)
$1.55/lb (40lb +)

Barney's Sausage add $0.29/lb

Cabbage Roll Sausage 
$89.00/batch (25lb increments)


Pure or Seasoned Burgers
$1.75/lb (30-59lb)
$1.55/lb (60-99lb)
$1.35/lb (100lb +)

Curing & Smoking

Curing & Smoking (ham, bacon)
$1.55/lb (5-49lb)
$1.25/lb (50-99lb)
$0.95/lb (100lb +)

Bacon Slicing & Wrapping$1.95/lb

Curing & Smoking (fish & birds/breasts)
$3.95/lb minimum charge of 10lb


Original, Cracked Pepper, Sweet N' Spicy, Teriyaki,
Sweet Teriyaki, Southwest Heat, BBQ
(Chili Lime, $1.00/lb extra, muscle only)
Muscle Jerky minimum 10 lb
$6.95/lb- wet weight
Goose/Duck Breast Add $1.00/lb
Ground Jerky minimum 15lb wet weight
$5.95/lb (15-24lb)
$5.50/lb (25-99lb)
$5.15/lb (100lb +)


Premium Flavours

Ask us about changing your sausage, sticks, smokies, etc. to one of our premium flavours.

  • Cajun $0.20/lb extra         
  • Chorizo $0.20/lb extra         
  • Maple $0.20/lb extra         
  • Black bean, corn, salsa $0.55/lb extra     
  • Chili lime $1.00/lb extra
  • Pizza $1.00/lb extra + cheese (cheddar and/or mozzarella)

We make your own batch with the meat you bring in, separate from any others. As such, feel free to 
discuss with us other flavours, ingredients or recipes you would like us to make for you. 

Please call (306) 955-9791 for more information. Smokehaus Meats is located on the 
service road (Centennial Dr. N.) in Martensville. We are open Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 to 6:30 and 
Saturday from 9:00 to 5:00.  After hours receiving is a charge of $30.00 per animal. Pricing is subject to change, please confirm price when ordering.

We will store your completed order for one week free of charge.  Storage charges $0.20/lb per day thereafter will be applied.  After 7 days your order may be donated to the food bank.  You must pay the invoice either way.  We are not a storage facility.