Our long-time customers already know that our beef tastes better, and they know why.  Our beef is raised for us by local farmers, is handled every step of the way to ensure a perfect eating experience.

This starts before the animal is born, with selection of excellent beef genetics. The breeds we love include: black and red angus, hereford, speckle park, and a few others that show characteristics such as bright red tender muscle and plentiful white fat marbling. These animals are raised with care on family farms in our area and fed the ideal combination of grass, forages, and grain rations.

When the cattle are ready, they are brought to our own slaughter facility where we “dress” them and hang them in our coolers to age for 21 days. When this hanging, dry age process is complete, our skilled butchers cut and prepare each cut to ensure the best flavour, tenderness, and appearance.

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